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Morocco is a very Western looking African nation, and one that has a strong international tourism sector which has resulted in an active real estate market to boot. This means that you have good choice when it comes to the type and price range of homes on offer. If you fancy Africa because of the climate and you have a passion for golf, perhaps you’ll be interested to know that for just 37,322 US dollars you can purchase a one-bedroom, brand new and fully furnished apartment within a golf apart-hotel on a complex that also boasts swimming pools and a bar and restaurant. Tunisia has been very slow to develop in terms of its international appeal. You can perhaps consider Tunisia to be a better kept secret than Morocco as a result, and bargains are easier to come by too. We’ve found a spacious 3-bedroom apartment less than a mile from Tunis that’s for sale direct from the owner for just 49,000 US dollars. The property also features 2 bathrooms and underground parking and it is within a gated and landscaped community. Egypt may well be a nation you’ve considered holidaying in, but perhaps one where you’d never considered living before? Well, the good news is that it’s a country increasing in sophistication, it has a Western outlook, and there are expatriate communities in and around the major cities and towns such as Cairo – the bad news is that property tends to be cheaper the further away you get from these centres of sophistication! But, following extensive searching we’ve managed to find a bargain in Cairo itself. A lesser-known location for excellent property bargains in Africa is the Cape Verde archipelago including the islands of Sal, Boa Vista, San Vincente, Maio and Santiago for example. On Maio there are brand new, beach-front bungalows for sale which are ideal for retirees. They are priced reasonably at 49,654 US dollars, and because they are not completed yet, you can have your say when it comes to the finishing touches of your home. Alternatively, if you want a completed property that’s ready to move in to. Malaysia offers it all – from fast paced, sophisticated city living in Kuala Lumpur, to a laid back beach-bum lifestyle on the coast. The country also has a retired persons incentive programme that’s worth checking out if you like the thought of being able to potentially reduce your tax burden when you retire! If you want sophistication when it comes to a retirement home overseas, how about purchasing a brand new apartment on a development that’s situated between Bandar Kinrara and Bukit Jalil in Kuala Lumpur.

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